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Merchandising Solutions

3grams Food Group's influence in the marketplace is driven by experience, trusted industry relationships, an understanding of our clients’ brands and vision, and more than 50 years of proven success. We partner with companies that want more than a large-scale, cookie-cutter approach to brand development and distribution in supply chain management. We take the time to understand your brand, your audience, as what, how, where and why.


Our solutions help clients grow market penetration, increase speed to market, improve on-shelf, and connect with the shoppers and customers who choose your product for the quality and consistency you offer, driving loyalty conversion from mass produced products to hand-crafted, artisanal brands.


Our marketing solutions include: promotion planning, analysis, incremental display opportunities, and brand consulting on everything from pricing strategy and promotional strategy to packaging and speed-to-market strategy.



Competitive Analysis

A true competitive analysis can seem stark and impersonal in the hands of a large conglomerate, where your product is merely one of hundreds or thousands being considered.


3grams Food Group does business a different way. Our competitive analysis is highly personalized and receives our full attention. We start with Texas-based brands or brands that specifically want to penetrate in the Texas market. A competitive analysis you receive from us includes a full qualitative and quantitative review of your brands today alongside a map of where we can partner to take you tomorrow.


We thoroughly and thoughtfully review packaging, pricing, environmental considerations, marketplace competition, and your vision for expansion. We advise your team on brand development that makes sense for your goals and we focus on the next steps that make sense for your brand. This highly-customized approach breaks down each piece of supply-chain demand and fulfillment, ensuring that your voice is heard and your vision is realized. In other words, our team serves as an extension of your team, partnering to achieve shared goals.  



As part of our competitive analysis, 3grams Food Group makes scale recommendations for the markets that best promote and move similar food types within the sell-cycle that ensures the quality and freshness of your product.


We tap into our national and international reorder databanks to advise you when a loyal customer is most likely to purchase a product and in what packaging. The same customer may be interested in a family-size product at a grocery or club store but only a single-size serving at a convenience store or in a vending environment.


Here’s where 3grams truly partners with you: We go beyond the numbers. We investigate your success. We explore what’s driving your sales numbers in a region, chain or market. Our discovery may uncover that a competitor is buying better shelf space or that customers in a specific retail location are inundated with lower-priced options. Our recommendation may be to partner with you to change packaging, or in some cases it may be to shift distribution to a market that better realizes the value of your brand. In any case, we are going to review which strategies best fit distribution success for your brand. 


     We can work with:

  • Club

  • Convenience

  • Drug

  • Gift Baskets

  • Grocery

  • Mass Merchandisers

  • Military

  • Natural / Specialty

  • Online

  • Vending


First in Fresh

The 3grams Food Group difference comes down to what we provide our brand partners compared to other marketplace services. We represent unique, flavorful, diverse brands that are as close to nature as possible. Clean ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors, non GMO and organic when possible.


Regional Representation. We specialize in regional representation with a local focus, strong relationships with retailers, distributors and clients, promotional and seasonal sales and planning focus and a commitment to shared goals with our clients.


Customer service is a pillar that supports our reputation. We specialize in local resources, order management, customer contracts, space-to-Sales analysis and optimization and trade fund management.


We offer diverse retail capabilities, including executing distributions and voiding corrections, as well as up-selling secondary and incremental merchandising opportunities.


Technology resources. And of course, our service is fully digital optimized. From sales tracking, customer scan data, and web-based retail reporting to syndicated data (IRI/Nielsen) and implementing speed-to-market strategies, we offer the most advanced technology optimization to meet your full spectrum of needs.

Competitive Analysis
First in Fresh
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